Remodelling With Help Of An Architect


Remodelling a home is not exactly cheap. However, it is sometimes necessary. For example because family planning is coming. A dormer window or expanding the living room? In most cases the house allows it, but it’s once again the money that stands in your way. The costs of renovation increases if you decide to hire an architect. When you want to give your house that special look, you can’t without an architect. An architect does more than just making the drawings and building plans. He also thinks about the materials that need to be used. Sustainability is therefore often a high priority for the architect. Today, the environment can still use a little extra attention. These renewable materials do not only serve a higher purpose. They are often very economical to use. So they often provide high insulation. In addition, they often have a silencing effect. The architect knows to process these materials in your home and that is an absolute value of hiring an architect. An architect may have an added value, you should be able to pay him. A second mortgage is not always possible. Borrowing money doesn’t always help either. Saving money then remains. Use your savings account for the money you’ve saved. To save more, you will need to save money on buying:

  • Grocery
  • Clothing
  • Gasoline
  • Holidays

The idea of hiring an architect interested me. I also need to save money to pay the good man. So I started searching the internet for bargains, hoping to save or make money with them. My quest for bargains brought me to Here it is possible to buy nice things for very little money. I have done this myself and then sold the stuff I bought with a profit. My savings account has now risen nice. It will take a while, but one thing is for sure. When I’m ready for remodelling my house, I’m going to hire an architect.

Methodes om online geld te verdienen

De rijken mogen dan niet rijker zijn geworden, maar de mensen die niet rijk zijn willen nog steeds wel geld verdienen. En met de komst van het internet zijn de manieren om geld te verdienen steeds uitgebreider geworden. Daar waar men vroeger alleen een bijbaantje in de krant of via het internet kon vinden, kan men nu via het internet op allerlei manieren aan extra geld komen, zonder daar een lening voor af te sluiten, want onthoud: “Geld lenen kost geld”.  Dus dat is absoluut niet één van de methodes om geld te verdienen.


Wat zijn dan wél  manieren om via het internet aan geld te komen? Daar zijn verschillende manieren voor:

  • Een dienst of een product verkopen
  • Affiliate van een product worden
  • Multilevel marketing
  • Andere mogelijkheden tot adverteren
  • Online klusjes voor anderen uitvoeren
  • Beleggen in (bijvoorbeeld) binaire opties

Al deze manieren kunnen je heel eenvoudig geld op gaan leveren. Je moet er natuurlijk wel tijd en energie in gaan steken, want voor niets gaat de zon op. Maar uiteindelijk zal het steeds eenvoudiger gaan en kun je met veel meer gemak aan je geld komen. Of je er rijk mee kan worden? Die mogelijkheid is er natuurlijk altijd. Met een flinke dosis geluk kom je natuurlijk een heel eind.

Maar misschien zijn er nieuwe manieren om je geld online te verdienen. Manieren die een ander nog niet heeft bedacht. Als je handig genoeg bent en over een goed zakelijk inzicht beschikt, kun je al een heel eind komen. En als je die nieuwe methode nou eens optimaal weet te ontwikkelen, zou je zomaar rijk kunnen worden zonder dat je er verder nog heel erg veel aan hoeft te doen. Hoe we het ook bekijken, de manieren van geld verdienen zijn dankzij het internet vele malen uitgebreider geworden. Manieren om aan geld te komen die anders voor slechts sommigen waren weggelegd, zijn nu haast voor iedereen toegankelijk. En dat is toch best iets moois en kan misschien ook jou tot online geld verdienen motiveren.

Generating Interest In Architecture Sites

Architecture is an impossibly interesting topic that a lot of people would love to read about or talk about, which is why there should be websites that have architecture as their main topic. The problem is that these websites can often become invisible because of the mass of other websites talking about other topics flooding the internet. In order to really get people talking about architecture, you have to drum up some interest and draw the attention of the audience that you are aiming for. In order for you to do that, you have to look into quite a few things that have been proven to work by those who have tried them before.


So, why should people be interested in architecture? Because, as famous architect Frank Gehry once said, “Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves”. There are so many examples of buildings that awed everyone who saw them and defied the limits of human kind that it would be such a shame not to talk about them. This is exactly what we want to do by bringing in lots of visitors to sites talking about this subject. To do so, you really want to focus on making sure that your content is not only relevant but also fun to read. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a comedian (though having comedic chops will certainly help) but you do have to present facts in a way that won’t bore your readers. You should also try getting things rolling by getting targeted traffic at or some other source in order to make your site more visible. Once you have sufficient traffic, then you can focus on things like optimizing your content, and adding different type of media to your site such as:


The reason for this is to engage your audience in a way that appeals to them. You should also try to refer your visitors to other sources of information about architecture since the more people talk about it, the more the subject will move into the mainstream consciousness.

UM To Give Architecture Program to Detroit PS High Schoolers


The University of Michigan (UM) Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning is opening an architecture class in midtown for Detroit Public Schools’ students in high schools next month, announced Tuesday night by the university and DPS.

One course – 3 hours

They are renting 3,700 square feet for this Michigan Architecture Prep, and will have 38 juniors taking one course each semester for college introductory on urbanism, architecture and united design studio practices each day for 3 hours.

Up to 50 students

This project has a goal to ultimately have as many as 50 students enrolled in this program, which will have a goal in the direction ofshowing young minority student’s careers in architecture and design.

Coming from

These students will come from the Detroit School of Arts, Cass Tech High School, and Western International high school. UM stated that, there are plans for students from other high schools can use this program in the future.
UM stated that a program like this is vitalbecause of the fact that 12-13 % of the national population is African-American, but it only makes up to 1.5% of American architects. In 2009, 87.9 % of DPS students were African-American while another 8.3 % were Latino/Hispanic.

Milton Curry, director of program and Taubman College associate dean said that “Architecture is woefully non-diverse; it’s not nearly as diverse as it needs to be. We have to get minoritiesunder-represented —African-American, Latinos, Hispanics, Native Americans, and those students at the lower end of the economic ladder. We have to change the intellectual complexion within the discipline”

The class will be taken for high school credits towards a diploma.

Making the announcement at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Michigan Research Studio were Taubman College Dean Monica Ponce de Leon,Curry,UM President Mark Schlissel, and DPS Administrator Jack Martin.

Other than the Taubman College and DPS, those offering support are the UM School of Education and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and additional funding is coming from the Andrew W. Mellow Foundation, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and the Troy-based Kresge Foundation.
A share of a $1.3 million grant from the Mellon Foundation will pay for the programs two teachers or instructors.

This is UM’s 2nd location in Detroit.
The university also has space in the Orchestra Place building at 3663 Woodward Ave. for the

UM Detroit Center.